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Developed via Codiak’s proprietary engEx Platform, exoSTING is designed to selectively activate the STING pathway in tumor-resident antigen presenting cells (APCs) and attract and expand immune effector cells in the tumor microenvironment. Free STING agonists, administered intratumorally (IT), have been shown to rapidly leak out of the tumor, causing systemic adverse events and direct immune cell ablation in the tumor microenvironment. Data from Codiak’s preclinical studies suggest that, when administered IT, exoSTING generates potent, targeted and systemic anti-tumor immunity without inflammatory cytokine driven adverse events.

We plan to initiate the first Phase 1/2 clinical trial for exoSTING in patients with a select group of solid tumors, including triple negative breast cancer and head and neck cancer, in the first half of 2020. We believe these tumors are most likely to respond to exoSTING based on prior clinical experience with free STING agonists, as well as ex vivo tumor responses in culture. These represent malignancies relatively refractory to checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

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exoSTING™ Drives Superior IFNß Induction and T-Cell Recruitment


Exo Sting Primary Tumor
Exo Sting Rechallenged Tumor

T-cell Infiltration

Exo Sting grid chart