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For decades, researchers have recognized the potential of exosomes. However, the ability to rationally engineer exosomes with predictable and reproducible therapeutic effects has remained an elusive goal. Through years of rigorous research to solve this challenge, Codiak developed the engEx Platform, which enables us to design and engineer exosomes with distinct properties, load them with various types of therapeutic molecules, and direct tropism so they reach specific target cells.

Coupled with our proprietary manufacturing process, we believe our technology is enabling us to unlock the true therapeutic potential of exosomes.

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Engineering innovation

Codiak’s discovery of two highly abundant, naturally-occurring exosome proteins enable us to precisely engineer exosomes as biologic medicines. Working with highly purified exosomes, we identified two novel classes of exosome-associated proteins. We use these proteins – PTGFRN and BASP1 – as scaffolds to direct proteins of interest (targeting ligands and therapeutic molecules) to the surface or the lumen of exosomes.

Our proprietary scaffold proteins provide significant advantages over previously reported exosome scaffolds and have predictable and reproducible properties.

Additionally, using our proprietary manufacturing process, we can exogenously load our engineered exosomes with small molecules or nucleic acids, further expanding the options for designing exosomes to engage numerous classes of drugs.

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Load the Surface

We use PTGFRN to load a wide range of proteins onto the exosome surface.

Load the Lumen

We use elements of BASP1 to incorporate various proteins into the exosome lumen.

Diverse Payloads, Targeted Delivery

Leveraging the inherent biology, function, and tolerability profile of exosomes, we engineer our exosomes to be non-viral drug delivery vehicles designed to carry and protect drug molecules, provide selective delivery, and elicit the desired pharmacology at the desired tissue and cellular sites. In essence, our exgEx exosomes become packages capable of delivering therapeutic payloads and, through Codiak’s engEx Platform, we can design, direct and deliver these packages.


Cell Engineering and Exosome Loading

Through our engEx Platform, we can incorporate a wide range of therapeutic molecules into our exosomes using either precision cell engineering, exogenous drug loading or a combination of both.


Cell Selectivity/Tropism

The proteins on the exosome surface determine its intrinsic cell selectivity, or tropism. By engineering the surface proteome of the exosome, we can purposely direct the tropism of our engEx exosomes, enabling selective cell type and tissue targeting.


Selective Targeting

In order to optimize the delivery of our drug payloads, we match the engineered or natural tropism of our engEx exosomes for specific cell types with compartmental dosing – the delivery to specific body compartments.

We believe that our engEx exosomes are uniquely positioned to enable specific targeting of critical cells and cellular pathways, thereby increasing target engagement and reducing off-target toxicity, which together enhance the therapeutic index for a wide array of drug types and therapeutic approaches.