A New Modality

Exosome therapeutics opens the door to an entirely new way to address a vast range of illnesses.

Codiak’s proprietary engEx™ technology platform for exosome engineering and manufacturing represents a transformative step in the treatment of disease, enabling the development of therapies for diseases that are currently considered intractable. Using this breakthrough platform, we can produce tailor-made drug candidates and make them at industrial quality and scale.

Purity at Scale

Codiak has pioneered the challenges of industrial-scale exosome production. We have developed proprietary methods to engineer, produce, and purify exosomes at the scale and quality necessary to bring exosome therapeutics to patients.

Broad Pipeline Potential

Using our engEx™ Platform, Codiak is developing a proprietary pipeline of novel, targeted medicines for diseases with high unmet medical need. Beginning with oncology, we are exploring the significant potential of this versatile and precise approach to engineering exosomes to address a broad range of disease areas.