January 10, 2019

Scientist II, R&D

Company Background

Codiak is the leader in the emerging field of exosome therapeutics, working to harness the power of this cellular messenger system to create potentially life-changing medicines. A venture-backed startup founded in 2015, Codiak has rapidly built a proprietary technology platform for exosome engineering and manufacturing that allows for precise targeting of important molecular pathways, opening the door to the development of therapies for cancer and other diseases. Led by an experienced and dedicated team, Codiak has at its foundation a positive and collaborative culture that is deeply rooted in cutting edge science and promotes opportunity for growth.

Position Description

Codiak BioSciences is seeking an experienced Molecular Cellular Biologist to join our growing team and help us to fully develop the therapeutic potential of exosomes. The successful candidate will support the development of exosome-based therapies that address significant unmet medical needs in oncology, immunology, hematology, neurology, and other disease areas. Responsibilities include applying molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemical methods to support the generation and characterization of novel engineered exosomes and develop cell-based and biochemical assays for evaluating exosome functionality. This position will involve the close coordination of efforts with scientists in molecular biology, exosome biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, oncology and translational science groups, as well as hands-on involvement in experiment design and execution, data generation and analysis. The candidate will be responsible for communication of findings to the research team and active participation in project teams.


  • • Develop novel approaches for the engineering of therapeutic exosomes and drive promising approaches to critical proof-of-concept and proof-of-biology decision points;
  • • Design and generate novel mammalian cell expression systems specifically tailored to the production of engineered exosomes; Cultivate cell lines to produce exosomes with desired properties;
  • • Develop novel cell-based and in vivo assays for evaluating functionality, target engagement, and potency of engineered exosomes;
  • • Rigorous documentation of research methods and results in electronic laboratory notebook and written reports;
  • • Active participation in project teams, and contribution to reports, patent applications, and regulatory filings;
  • • Participate in, and present at, research group and project team meetings;
  • • Comply with laboratory safety procedures.


  • Education and Experience:
  • • Ph.D. or equivalent degree in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, or a related field, plus 5 years of experience in an academic or industrial setting
  • Skills and Abilities:
  • • Experience with mammalian cell culture, transient and stable transfection, and RNAi.
  • • Strong experience with genome editing technology (CRISPR/Cas9), including gene targeting by homologous recombination, genotypic and phenotypic analysis, and CRISPR screening.
  • • Extensive hands-on experience with common molecular biology methods, including DNA/RNA extraction and quantitation, plasmid preparation, restriction digestion, mutagenesis, qPCR, agarose gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation, and lentivirus production.
  • • Experience with common biochemical and immunological techniques, including SDS-PAGE, UV/Vis spectroscopy, ELISA and western blotting.
  • • Experience with bright field and fluorescence microscopy.
  • • Exceptional organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills, and the ability to thrive in an interdependent and idea-rich environment.
  • • Strong work ethic and attention to detail.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • • Hands-on experience with immunofluorescent staining and imaging, including confocal fluorescence microscopy.
  • • Familiarity with flow cytometry/FACS and MACS
  • • Prior experience with protein purification or protein interaction analysis (e.g., Biacore, Octet) are a plus.

Compensation & Benefits

Codiak provides competitive compensation and benefits package that support and reward the contributions of each member of the team.

Apply Today

Those interested in joining the team effort at Codiak BioSciences to advance the nascent and exciting field of exosome technology into therapeutics with transformative potential are invited to email their CV.

About Codiak

Recent discoveries have demonstrated that exosomes derived from normal cells can act as a potent and safe delivery system for multiple therapeutic payloads. These small vesicles, which leave cells and travel throughout the body, can mediate dramatic effects in animal models of disease.

We are developing a broad platform for the delivery of macromolecules to the cytoplasm of diverse cells and tissues, to create a proprietary pipeline of novel, targeted medicines for diseases with high unmet medical need. The company’s technology exploits the natural propensity of exosomes to transmit macromolecule payloads between cells to create a pipeline of drugs across a broad range of diseases, including those associated with currently “undruggable” targets. While our initial focus is on oncology/immuno-oncology, this approach also offers significant potential in hematology, neurology and gene therapy and other therapy areas.

We are now producing drug candidate exosomes using the engExTM platform, our novel therapeutic engine for exosomes. We tailor exosomes to express molecules on their surfaces and/or deliver specific cargo inside. This affords us the flexibility for designing proprietary drug candidates; exosomes can be mixed and matched into rational and targeted combinations with the potential for a broad therapeutic platform.

As of December 2017, Codiak has raised a combined $168.5M in Series A-C financing. The company maintains partnerships with academic exosome labs and has multiple paths to clinical and commercial success through the breadth of the company’s research, strength of its IP position and proprietary innovation behind its production capabilities.

Inspired Employees

Codiak’s CEO and first employee Doug Williams, Ph.D., (former EVP of Biogen R&D, CEO of ZymoGenetics) espouses the belief that inspired employees create great science. Employees treat the company as if it was their own and report that there is “direct and respectful communication,” and “trust that teammates will do the right thing and never compromise integrity.”

Named one of 11 disruptive startups “on a do-or-die mission to launch new meds” by Endpoints News in January 2018, Codiak is in the heart of Boston’s biotechnology hub at 500 Technology Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Codiak BioSciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a culturally diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race; color; creed; religion; national origin; age; ancestry; nationality; marital, domestic partnership or civil union status; sex, gender, gender identity or expression; affectional or sexual orientation; disability; veteran or military status or liability for military status.