Defining a New Class of Medicine

Grounded in breakthrough science and driven by medical need, Codiak BioSciences is advancing the frontiers of exosome research and manufacturing to create an entirely new class of therapeutics. Since its founding in 2015, Codiak has built a proprietary technology platform for exosome engineering and manufacturing that allows for precise therapeutic targeting, opening the door to the development of therapies to treat a diverse array of diseases that are currently difficult or impossible to treat using existing methodologies.

At Codiak, we have developed the technology to turn exosomes into therapeutics.

Manufacturing Innovation

Transformative Potential

Exosomes as Potent Messengers

Recent discoveries have transformed our understanding of the role of exosomes in the body. We now know that these natural, cell-derived vesicles can act as an efficient, versatile, and non-immunogenic delivery system for multiple therapeutic payloads. Recognizing the enormous potential of exosomes, Codiak has taken a rigorous scientific approach that has opened the door to important discoveries about the vast potential of exosomes as therapeutic messengers.

Producing Tomorrow’s Medicines

Codiak has built an entirely new, scalable exosome manufacturing process for this new modality. In so doing, Codiak has also developed the capability to produce high-quality exosomes with a variety of payloads in order to redirect the vesicle’s natural tropism and solve intractable problems. Through leading-edge translational science and rigorous drug development, Codiak is building a pipeline of candidates with broad utility and the capacity to reach currently undruggable targets.

Pioneering Vision

At the Frontier

Pioneering technology and groundbreaking research form the basis of our vision to harness the power of exosomes to create an entirely new class of biologic medicines. We are building the leading, fully integrated exosome therapeutics company through world-class research, technology advancement, manufacturing, and clinical development.

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Advance the emerging and exciting field of exosome biology into therapeutics with transformative potential at Codiak.